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Who are we?

Lider company in gross wholesaler international trade for FMCG household and toilettry

Thomas Business Spain SL are a family business based in Alicante (Spain). Our main activity is gross international trading in FMCG for household and toletty..
From the beggining we have following the same filosophy: excelent service, good client relation and good prices.
We have two owned depots with top technology and with a products catalogue dedicated to international trading. Mainly in two categories: household and toilettry.
We work with international brands as well as exclusive brands for iberia. Right now we buy directly to nearly all big manufacturers in Spain for Fast Moving Consuming Goods with high rotation non food. We were born in 2.012 and we have won our clients and suppliers confidence year by year.






(M2) Warehouses

Why us?



With manufacturers we are able to take decisions in only a few hours about big volumen buyings. So we do not delay our suppliers´ stocks moving. This is due to a short decisión making. We are very few to decide, only two persons and very often just one. We have a deep market knowledge and strong finance capicity. Our company accountancy is public. And colaborate, respect and work hard for brand development.


With clients we work to understand their needs and satisfy them in the widest way. In most of the cases product is in our stock or available in only 1-2 days.

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Our material resources. We have two owned depot and managed by our people in Alicante with 2.400 m2 in total. Our stock capacity is above thousand pallets. Our dayly average in-out is between 4 and 6 full trucks-containers. We have vehicles that work in exclusivity for us and we work in continuity bases with the most important road transport and freight-forwarding and containers companies.

Our values

Our company’s values have always been clear and present from the beggining of our trading activity. They have been our aim in order to orientate each action and behave.

We respect the positioning of our suppliers' brands

We work for the safety of people.

We have developed CSR and take care of the environment.

We pursue continuous improvement. Everything, always, can be improved.

We make things easy, simple. With humility and discretion.

We are entrepreneurs and we like to take on new challenges.





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We can tell you many things on our website, but there is nothing better to talk about.